Me and Hannah had a furious discussion about how many fanfictions we need to read where Derek pulls a Liz Lemon about Stiles crying. ZERO ABILITY TO BE REMOTELY COMFORTING BUT CAN’T LEAVE BECAUSE HIS SENSE OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IS THE SIZE OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN

IT OKAY, DON’T BE CRY!!! oh god I legitimately need 1000 stories about Derek Hale being bad at everything. Bad at feelings! Bad at parents! Bad at plans, is in fact a graduate of the Angel University of Bad Planning! Bad at everything but being a werewolf, and sometimes bad at that too!

Another thing me and Lea decided is that at some point Derek is so unable to handle crying Stiles that he tries to take it out in physical violence by crushing a soda can, only the soda can still has soda in it, so it gets everywhere, and Stiles is like HOW IS THAT HELPING ;____; NOW I HAVE TO MOP and Derek is like sit down >:( I will mop >:(

how do mops work

I live in a subway car

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